A family vacation is one of the most critical events to document with photographs.

It's a great time to document your family history because you're all together, having fun, visiting new places, and having time. And how enjoyable it is to look through the photo album and recall happy memories throughout the year! Preserving those memories is also beneficial for the older and younger children, as they will be able to see what they were a part of! However, if you want to get some good snapshots that you will want to revisit, you must plan ahead of time and prepare.

Whether you have a camera or a smartphone in your pocket, these top tips should help you take some great family photos this summer.....

Capture their TRUE personality

We all want happy pictures of our children. But we also want to remember them for who they are. Capture the moment they start winding each other up. Take pictures of them when you see them chilling out on the sofa, reading or watching TV with those adorable happy expressions. These "everyday" moments will help you remember their personalities just as much as the adorable laughing pictures.

Take advantage of the candid moments

There will be so many memories to capture on vacation, but not all of them will be perfect – there may be other people in the background, the light may not be quite right, or there may not be enough time to move all of the mess out of the way. No child enjoys being posed. (At least not knowingly.) Ask your partner to be ready with the camera while you sit down and have a conversation and cuddle with your children to capture some genuine emotion from them.

Big and little adventures

Take photos of your family's adventures! You're going to try new things, and it's always fun to capture the family's reactions in front of a massive canyon, a river, a new city, or while interacting with other kids. Even if you stay in the same place every year, the kids will grow and have new experiences, or they may reach new milestones, such as their first dive in the lake!

Set some objectives

Vacations are an excellent opportunity to explore new things and relax. New composition principles and effects can be tried out. Did you want to shoot with that prism? What about your smartphone? Underwater? A new genre, similar to street photography or landscape photography? Indirect sunlight? In manual mode? Go ahead and give it a shot! But don't be disheartened or frustrated because the photos aren't as good as you hoped. Please list one or two things you want to work on and focus on them.

Get down low

You can get a true sense of being in the moment if you crouch down to your child's level and observe what they are doing. It gives the image a more personal and intimate feel. And if you have an interesting background or amazing clouds in the sky, the shot becomes even more enjoyable.

Don't feel obligated to take photos every day

Don't feel obligated to bring your camera everywhere you go once you're gone. Allow yourself some time to enjoy the moment without worrying about whether you've captured it all – a one or two-week vacation gives you plenty of time to take photos and relax. And if something amazing happens that you must photograph on one of the days you don't have your camera with you, you can always use the camera on your phone.

Make a backup and organize your photos as soon as you get home

When you return from a vacation, life can suddenly become hectic, and organizing and editing your photographs is one of those tasks that can fall to the bottom of the priority list. Make it a point to organize and edit your photos as soon as you get home. Also, don't forget to back them up!

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