Meet the man behind Photographs by Steven

Photographs by Steven

Hello, I am Steven

I am an Aviation & Wildlife Photographer captures the beauty of the natural world by putting his creative and emotional attachment to nature at the heart of each photo, resulting in a one-of-a-kind and artistic reflection of his time in the field. I am an open & honest photographer. I live in Essex, UK and am passionate about capturing precious moments around me.

Why did I choose Photography?

When I set out to write this about me section, I was surprised at how little I thought I'd have to tell you... until I got around to writing it all down. I know some of you simply enjoy reading other people's stories, which is why this section exists.

Why did I choose to photograph animals and aviation rather than other subjects?

It's a long story, but to summarise, I'd been photographing anything and everything for three years and felt like I was stagnating in terms of development. Covering such a wide range of subjects can be both exciting and exhausting: from landscapes to potraits, personal branding to food photography...The sensation was suffocating under so many different categories.

I've always had a strong desire to specialise in something, and when I asked myself what to choose- I really took no time to choose wildlife photography. I love to capture memories as it gives enjoyment capturing different types of wildlife/animals.

In the Press

For my fundraising efforts for Colchester Zoo, I have appeared in the local press. Take a look at the articles below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which camera do you use to click the pictures?

The quality of photographs matters and, thus, the quality of the camera. I use a Canon 4000D DSLR camera with Sigma 150-500mm telephoto lens, Canon 70mm-300mm lens, and Canon 18mm-58mm lens. With this, I add flash while capturing the image for proper lightning and object focus.

Q. Why do you add the Orange element in all your photographs?

Orange is, actually, my favorite color. Plus, it represents warmth and vibrance to me.

Q. Which Photography tool do you use to edit your photographs?

There are so many software and free tools available to edit the photographs. But my personal favorite is Lightroom. Also, I have access to my Raspberry Pi, which has some scripts to edit my photos and categorize them automatically.

Q. What are more things that interest you?

Apart from photography, Web development is my hobby. I love making websites and excellent tools.

Q. Tell us something about your personal life?

I am Steven. I live with my family, which includes my partner, and three children - two girls and one boy. I love spending time with my family. About my personality, I am humorous, and I love cracking silly dad jokes to my children. I have quite a loud personality and always make a fool out of myself.