Photographs by Steven

Hello, I am Steven

Welcome to 'Photographs by Steven', the visual chronicle of Steven Hardy, an accomplished Aviation and Wildlife Photographer based in Essex, UK. Through the medium of photography, I strive to capture the mesmerising beauty of the natural world and aviation, one frame at a time. An open book is a good metaphor for my approach to photography - transparent, direct, and a little bit unpredictable.

How I Got Lured by the Lens

When I first contemplated writing this 'About Me' section, I was puzzled. "What on earth am I going to discuss?" I pondered. Then, as I began to pen down my journey, I realised that my story was rather like a particularly engaging novel – once you start, it's hard to put down. So, buckle up for a journey into the heart of my photographic world.

Why Animals and Aviation, You Ask?

Having spent three years photographing a cornucopia of subjects, from tranquil landscapes to bustling cityscapes, I felt a need to narrow my focus. It was during this time that I discovered my true passion lay in the fields of wildlife and aviation. There's a unique thrill in capturing the fleeting moments of an eagle in flight or the majestic ascent of an aeroplane, which continues to drive my work.

Making Headlines and Saving Zoos

Beyond the aesthetic appeal, my photography has a purpose. My fundraising activities for Colchester Zoo have not only supported a cause close to my heart but have also been recognised in local press. It's like killing two birds with one stone, except no birds were harmed in the process, I assure you!

The Not-So-Secret Life of My Camera

For those with a technical inclination, my workhorse is a Canon 4000D DSLR camera, accompanied by a set of versatile lenses and a flash. And if you're wondering about the consistent orange hue in my photos, it's my favourite colour. Just a little personal touch, like wearing your lucky socks on an important day.

Photo Editing and Raspberry Pi

In terms of photo editing, Lightroom is my tool of choice. But wait, there's more. I also utilise a Raspberry Pi – a handy little gadget, not a dessert, I should clarify – to streamline the editing and categorisation of my photographs. It's like having a personal assistant, albeit less chatty.

Beyond the Lens: Web Development and Family

When the camera is set aside, I engage in web development. It's a fascinating world of its own, almost like piecing together a complex puzzle. At home, I'm a family man, sharing my life with my partner and our three children. I'm also known for my repertoire of dad jokes – they might make my kids roll their eyes, but I like to think they secretly love them.

'Photographs by Steven': A World Through My Eyes

'Photographs by Steven' is not just a portfolio; it's an invitation to view the world from my perspective. Through this platform, I aim to share a touch of the beauty and wonder I encounter, one photograph at a time. So, why not join me on this journey? After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, and I've got plenty to share.


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