Mostly fireworks are done on special occasions and festivals. To remember that day people want to capture that memory in an impressive way. New Year and wedding parties are the ideal events to capture firework photographs. In this article, we are going to provide you some tips for firework photography.

Choose the right spot for photographing fireworks:

The most important thing that makes your firework photographs magnificent and excellent is the right spot. With the help of a good spot, where there is no type of obstruction you can capture mesmerizing firework photographs. So the first thing before taking firework photographs is to choose the right location.

Add artistic effects in your firework photographs:

Another thing which adds some worth to your firework photographs is the atmosphere in which you are capturing photographs. For example, a man making a funny face and the fireworks are going on in his background or a child dancing in front of the fireworks give an artistic effect to the photographs.

Use Image stabilizer mode in firework photographs:

Sometimes an unusual moment occurs in the time when we are taking photographs. To capture that moment from different angles we have to hold the camera in hand. So in this situation to avoid blurry firework photographs use the image stabilizer mode of the camera which automatically reduces the blurriness.

Photograph fireworks using Zoom lenses:

A Photograph which contains a simple and clear fireworks background looks spectacular. The first thing which you should use in your firework photography is an amazing camera lens. During fireworks with extremely good zoom lenses, you can easily capture amazing photographs. Zoom lenses create easiness in capturing photographs when you are using a tripod stand.

Use the right equipment for photographing fireworks:

What happens if you have ideal scenery and atmosphere where you can easily capture a lot of amazing photographs and suddenly you come to know that your equipment is not able to capture the standard photographs which you want?. Especially when you are going to take firework photographs your equipment should be advance. Your tools such as camera, tripod stand, lenses, etc must be up to the mark.

Save your battery for fireworks photography:

Use your camera only when you think that this is a perfect scenery, atmosphere, and time where I can take exceptional photographs. If you use your camera unnecessarily like to share live video or live streaming there is a chance of lowering your battery.

Focus your camera on fireworks:

For professional firework photographs set the time slot of your camera from 5 to 15 seconds in this way you can easily focus on your target firework photograph. It reduces the chances of obstruction in firework photographs.

Try Try again:

It is not necessary that every photograph is good and according to the standard. In a hundred photographs, there are only 3 to 4 photographs which you can say professionally awesome.


If you are not a professional photographer, but by following the tricks which are provided in this article you can achieve your goal easily. Bulb mode is very beneficial to capture attractive photographs.

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