Spring is the most beautiful season of the year. When everything awakens, all the flowers start to bloom, the insects are getting active, mammals wake up from hibernation, and the colors are intense. Spring offers yellow, pink, purple, red, and orange colors. With the breeding season in full gear, there are plenty of possibilities to photograph unusual behavior. When your attention is drawn to the subject, it is easy to forget that light is just as crucial in wildlife photography as any other photography genre. The light influences the subject and the appearance of the image's background. As a result, it's critical to pick the optimal time of day to achieve the best light direction and intensity. Let's have a look at some spring photography ideas. 

Lekking Grouse

Birds congregate in leks to compete for mating privileges and impress the females observing. Capercaillie and black grouse are two species that perform at these leks in the United Kingdom, but other birds from around the world do as well. They are, however, frequently protected, and disturbing a lekking site without a licence is illegal.

birds photography grouse lekking grouse

Wild Goats

Wild goat populations are often found in highland settings. They can be found in the Scottish highlands and the Cheviot Hills in Northumberland in the United Kingdom. Children's birth occurs in the spring, which provides excellent photographic opportunities.

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Fledging Birds

Birds are nesting all over, in both urban and rural places. Most species' young will line up near the nest for a few days before becoming independent and flying out; when the parent birds try to feed their young, the activity level skyrockets. You have the chance to catch something genuinely magical when the chicks are ready to fledge (leave the nest).

bird fledging photographs

Boxing Hares

March hares can be seen all over, but capturing their antics is challenging. It is difficult to approach an animal developed for alertness and speed, but being present when they box adds to the difficulty. While driving, keep your eyes alert for broad fields where hares may be racing one other. The dark tips to the ears are the best ways to distinguish a rabbit from a hare. They're also a lot bigger, but it's difficult to assess an animal's size from afar, and focusing simply on size will most likely result in you stalking rabbits instead!

hares boxing hares animal


Squirrels are pretty busy during spring, but you have good chances to photograph them during spring because that's the time when they start to collect nesting material for the breeding season. When you are about to photograph red squirrels, the best time is in the morning, that's when they are most active, and in the morning, you will have great soft light. 

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