Orangutans are known to be the predominant creatures of the forests. They are known as the gardeners or keepers of the forest as they play a vital role in sustaining the health of the forest ecosystem. As their name suggests, they are the “persons of the forest”.

Orangutans can live to over 30 years old - and many live to 50. Their main predator is the Leopard. These creatures are born with the ability or skill to reason and think (just like us humans).

Like other Ape families, these creatures also tend to live a solitary life where Males Orangutans tend to go for a food search while Mothers stay behind with the kids. (Sounds old school, right?)

These clever creatures have seven times more strength than an average human being.

Baby orangutan

Species and Behaviour

There are two species of Orangutans named after an island - Sumatran and Bornean.

Sumatran Orangutans are protected with long orange woolen fur. Furthermore, the Bornean Orangutans have light brown fur. At a certain age, the male Orangutans develop cheek pads that frame their face when they grow up.

You guys must be wondering about their height and weight of an Orangutan. So, let me tell you that the female Orangutans are 114 cm tall and weigh around 37 kilograms on average. And the Males are 136 cm tall and weigh 87 kilograms on average.

These creatures have the prolonged birth interval of any land mammal ranging 7-9 years (Well, an impressive idea for family planning). You might be thinking, why? Let me tell you that most of the lives of parent Orangutans are consumed with tutoring their young ones the skills required for surviving in the dark forests.

Other than this, they are the apple of the eye for their mother. These young ones stay with their mother till the age of 7-8 years. Like human babies, the young Orangutans can cry, smile, and get angry while making different expressions. Imagine these babies smiling? How adorable!

Fun Fact - It is nearly impossible for us to eat with our feet but guess what? Orangutans can eat with their feet!

Most of the time, Orangutans are seen swinging through the canopies with their long arms which almost reach their calves while standing. They can easily scratch their ankle if it itches whilst standing.

Adult orangutan

Diet and Living

Like birds, they also build nests to live in. Besides this, in rainy seasons they tend to build a roof as well (for their nest). As we say - Every day is a new day! These mammals build a new nest every day out of their creativity. 

Not only this, but they also make sure that their place is tidy indicating that they use sticks or gloves (made from leaves) to clean the area. They are so like us!

Most of the diet includes fruits and in case of scarcity, these awesome prime apes can also eat soil.

They make sure to howl to make the other group of Orangutans aware to stay away from their territory. Moreover, their howling or long call can easily be heard from 2 kilometers away.

Remarkably, these notorious creatures can live 10-20 years more in captivity than in wildlife. 

Orangutan eating a tree

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