The cat family has an enormous variety of species of cats which include big cats (Genus Panthera), medium-sized cats (Lynx, caracal), and small cats (Margay). These fascinating cats tend to grab any person's attention. Not only this, their skills of strategising, hunting, and remaining low key make it more alluring. Above all, the roar of some big cats is what gives me goosebumps!

The key characteristics/ features of these cats lie in their strength, power, and bold appearances.

Let's begin the fun with the facts. Ohh, I just played with the words!


These sleek and attractive cats have the specialty of hunting from trees. Well, something adventurous other than sleeping. They are such a pro in poaching that only one deadly pounce is enough to let the prey succumb. They are highly ductile compared to the other big cats and can live in most of the habitats.

Amur Leopard

While talking about Leopards, let’s not forget about the following beauties as well:

  • Snow Leopard: Being the same in behavior as other leopards. They rarely come out for an appearance as they are shy and calm. Well, they have a blanket too! Their tails. These cats use their tail to cover their sensitive parts from chilled winters. They are less aggressive and hardly attacks a human, which means they will prefer to run away from the site instead of defending on the spot. Guys, can you even believe this?
  • Clouded Leopard: These intriguing cats majorly stay on trees to get a clear distant view for approaching prey. These cats have a rather long tail that is equal to the length of their body (it helps them to balance while climbing the trees).
Snow Leopard


Lions are the only member of the whole cat family with a tasseled tail. After all, King's attire matters! These members are the ideal social cats amongst the cat family system. Well, they have a little success rate in hunting. Read more facts about lions in our blog post dedicated to them!

White Lion


Tigers have whiskers all over their body which allows them to navigate in the dark and strike their prey more veraciously. In simple words, they carry sensors with them. Want to learn more about Tigers? We have more fun facts about them in our blog

Amur TIger


Cougars are also known as Puma. These Big cats cannot roar like a lion, but their calls can be like that of a human scream. Unlike Lions, they prefer living in solitude. Did you know that these cats hold a Guinness world record to have multiple names?


Jaguars love swimming and usually hunts aquatic animals. Moreover, they prefer staying near water while hunting land animals. What a royal living, wish I could stay in pools like them. Apart from this, Jaguars, as the name suggests, have incredibly powerful jaws, making them incredible predators.

Other than humans, Jaguars have only one enemy which is an Anaconda.


Well, every member of Genus Panthera can roar except these adorable cats. Instead they ‘purrrr’ just like your domestic cat you have at home. But due to their large size, their purrrr can also be heard from a mile away.

This crazy cat is the ‘Bugatti of Animal Kingdom’ with a mind-blowing speed. According to research, Leopards change their gears frequently while running to accelerate. Being the fastest land animal on the planet, they can run at speeds as fast as 75 mph or 120 km/h.

Sadly, these beautiful cats have been alarmingly decreasing in numbers. Presently, their population has reduced to half of their population since 1970. Soon the facts about them will also vanish!

Cheetah with Cub

Lynx & Caracal

Finally, are these beautiful medium-sized members of the cat family - Lynx and caracal. These tantalising cats have a cunning look and fastest amongst the medium-sized cats of the family. Caracals are supremely aerobatic and can leap into the air, up to 10 feet, to be able to bring prey down, like birds.

Unfortunately, the lives of all the big cats that have been mentioned in the blog, are in danger due to the increased illegal hunting, and wildlife trafficking by humans. Please stop! I would love to experience all these big cats in real life in their natural habitat before they get extinct.

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