There are many new photographers and many youngsters who are thinking to pursue their careers in the field of zoo photography. They all need a good and informative guideline. According to philosophers photography is an art and when it comes to zoo photography it turns into reality. A good zoo photographer always sharpens his skills and with the help of good guidelines he can do a lot better. So here are some tips for zoo photography.

Do your work smoothly and silently:

Do your work smoothly and not try to get the attention of the animal, don’t make noise by knocking on the cage because animals can be scared by doing this. Do your photography silently is the first and basic rule of zoo photography. This technique is good not just to get exceptional photos but also for the comfort of the animals.

Do not visit the zoo on weekends:

Do not go to the zoo on weekends because there are a lot of people there on weekends and therefore the animals are not comfortable, so, apart from weekends; visit the zoo to photograph animals. This advice will be useful to the photographer, because, applying it; he will be able to do his job with pleasure.

Be patient:

The most excellent tip for the zoo photographer is “be patient”. With the help of patience, a photographer could easily get the desired result which he wants. Hard work and determination is the key to success and if a little bit patience is added to that hard work then the result will be superb.

Get close to the animals:

If there is a chance to get closer to an animal without disturbing his comfort then do it. The full features of an animal can easily be captured by taking close photos. In this case, the automatic mode for the camera is very helpful.

Make a proper plan:

The photographer must plan in which pose he wants to capture the photos of the animal. Sometimes a photographer wants a serious pose, sometimes a cute pose, etc. Making a good plan before starting work is the quality of a successful person. So a photographer should apply this instruction.

Capture the photo from the animal’s level:

Try to capture the photos of animals from their level because in this way a photographer could capture a marvelous picture. By doing so we can get the natural expressions of the animals whether its good expressions or furious ones.

A photographer should be steady:

Most of the photographers want to capture a bunch of funny photos and this is not so easy. To capture a funny and cute picture a photographer should be steady. A professional zoo photographer always keeps his camera ready to capture every little cute moment of the animals.

Do good research:

A photographer should do proper research on other zoo photographers’ works. In this way, he can learn about many new things from them. It is human nature that they learn new things from each other. With the aid of others photography skills and their portfolios, many new ideas can be generated in the mind of the zoo photographer.


Therefore, a zoo photographer should do his work regularly to get the desired pictures of animals. An excellent photographer always takes his work as his hobby, not as his job. Therefore, the zoo photographer should follow the above points in his work.

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